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Labor Day Sales is here, which means one of the best times of the year for scoring deals on Moppsy. These offers are exclusive to our subscribers, they are not public. Some of them have limited quantities, so we recommend you to hurry up.

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#1. Two Years Bundle. Save $30.

 Only 275 packs available 

This offer includes machine-washable pads for 2 years. Twelve mops. Maximum savings. Limited units. 

  • Two years of mop replacements. Never run out of mops. 

  • High quality microfiber. Can be washed up to 100 times.

  • Many customers sort mops by room or floor type. For example 3 mops for bathrooms only

  • MoppsyPro 3 x1

  • Washable Refill Pads x12

Includes a brand NEW MoppsyPro 3 with a total of 12 washable refills! 


 $ 67 SALE  

#2. Moppsy Pro 3. Save $9.

Moppsy Pro 3 is our best seller. More than 72.000 families in America clean in a more hygienic way, reducing work time by up to 35%.

  • Include 6 refills pack

  • Moppsy refills can be machine washed more than 100 times.

  • You don't need to touch the mop for rinsing and wringing, reducing work time by up to 35%.

  • It weighs up to 40% less than a regular bucket. 

  • Efficient bucket system traps dirt AND wrings out 90% of water, cutting down on drying time.

  • No dripping means it's great for floors, baseboards, walls, and windows, too!. MoppsyPro is a multi-surface mop

Includes brand NEW MoppsyPro 3 and a standard pack of 6 washable refills. Our Most Popular best Seller


 $50 SALE  

Absolutely love my Moppsy. Have 2 dogs and 6 people in house. Needs a quick mopping often. Picks up dog hair and mess. Leaves floor clean and dries quickly.

I love my Moppsy. I actually have two and have bought them as gifts. We have two shedding dogs and 2 cats and these make the work of keeping clean so much easier. Dry or wet - works great!

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#3. Double Deluxe. Save $37.

Double cleaning power. This is the pack preferred by thousands of Moppsypro's customers.

  • Our customers buy two units for different areas of the house, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

  • Also, MoppsyPro 3 is a perfect gift. For those you love, giving MosppsyPro 3 is giving time, less effort, and the peace of mind of cleaning in the most hygienic way

  • MoppsyPro 3 x2

  • Washable Refill Pads x12

Includes two brand NEW MoppsyPro 3 with a total of 12 washable refills! Get one for yourself and another for a friend, a family member, or coworker.  

My husband ordered this mop because I can’t really wring out our regular mop; initially I was skeptical 🤨. But it has worked out great! I love the easy use of it, and the versatility as well. I even used it to clean the walls before we painted. It stores great because it’s so compact and the part I love best, is that the mop heads are washable!! This mop is definitely the last mop we’ll ever buy ! 😁😁

I purchased two Moppsy’s - one for each floor of my house. They are extremely easy to use and really are hygienic. I have mostly all hardwood floors but also marble and it cleans both surfaces efficiently. We have three dogs that slobber all over and the Moppsy helps with quick cleanups and more deeper cleaning. The unit is light even with water in it and easy to carry up . Try it- you’ll like it!


 $ 81 SALE  

#4. Dual Combo. Save $ 34.

This is the perfect bundle if you care about cleaning your home and want to do it safely for your family and pets.

Include a complete set of Moppsy Pro 3 and a set of Ecosanit

Ecosanit is the future of safe green cleaning

  • Simple and safe electrolysis process. It is science although it looks like magic. It only needs water and salt

  • Avoid the use of chemicals. Protect your family, home and the planet. 

  • Kills 99% of bacterias and viruses.

  • Including hand spray to apply it on any surface. 

  • Comes complete with 3 washable mops. Wash every pad more than 100 times. 

  • Save up to 80% on cleaning products by securely producing your own disinfectant.

  • Includes Moppsy Pro 3. Our Best Seller. 

I love the Ecosanit mop! It only takes a minute and a half to sanitize the water in the container, so if you were concerned about having enough to clean your floors, there is no worry. The mop cleans so well and the pads, ( it comes with 3) can just be tossed in the washer. I have dogs and cats and this mop makes me feel confident that I am not using any harmful chemicals on my floors. Thanks Moppsy for developing this wonderful product!

Got the Moppsy Ecosanit and I absolutely love it. I use it practically daily - having dogs in and out of the house I keep it handy for spot mopping the paw prints they leave behind. I like that it is sanitizing with no harsh chemicals which is a plus with young kids in the house. definitely recommend!


 $90 SALE