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Double Deluxe. Save $29.

Moppsypro 2 is our best seller. More than 57.000 families in the United States clean in a more hygienic way, reducing work time by up to 35%.

  • You don't need to touch the mop for rinsing and wringing, reducing work time by up to 35%.

  • It weighs up to 40% less than a regular bucket. 

  • Efficient bucket system traps dirt AND wrings out 90% of water, cutting down on drying time.

  • No dripping means it's great for floors, baseboards, walls, and windows, too!. Moppsypro is a multi-surface mop

  • Easy to store, it takes up very little space. Even if you don't have room, you can disassemble it and put everything inside the bucket. 

Includes two complete sets of Moppsypro 2 with 6 washable refills each.

Absolutely love my Moppsy. Have 2 dogs and 6 people in house. Needs a quick mopping often. Picks up dog hair and mess. Leaves floor clean and dries quickly.

I love my Moppsy. I actually have two and have bought them as gifts. We have two shedding dogs and 2 cats and these make the work of keeping clean so much easier. Dry or wet - works great!


 $ 89 SALE  

Perfect Cleaning Combo. Save $44.

The perfect combination for cleaning your home. 

Moppsypro 2, our best selling product and Moppsypro Ecosanit, the only mop on the market that naturally produces its own cleaner.

  • Moppsypro 2. The best cleaning set in the market allows you to clean hygienically and reduce the working time up to 35%.

  • Moppsypro Ecosanit  turns tap water and salt into a natural multipurpose cleaner as effective as bleach.

In these times, disinfecting my house worries me a lot. I need to use a disinfectant that will not harm my family and my dogs 🐶. Moppsy Ecosanit is easy to use, apply and leaves no residue of any kind. ✅💚

Includes one set of Moppsypro 2 with 6 washable refills and one set of Ecosanit with 3 washable refills


 $ 92 SALE  

More about the NEW Moppsypro Ecosanit

Moppsypro Ecosanit helps you save every day using natural ingredients you already have at home. Salt and water. Don't waste your money on cleaning chemicals, use the cleaning power of science to save up to 80%.

  • Avoid the use of chemicals. Protect your family, home and the planet. 

  • Moppsypro Ecosanit. Kills 99% of bacterias and viruses.

  • Including hand spray to apply it on any surface. 

  • Save up to 80% on cleaning products by securely producing your own disinfectant.

  • Comes complete with 3 washable mops. Wash every pad more than 100 times. 

  • We are shipping 24/7 from California and New Jersey to your doorstep.  

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Includes one set of Moppsypro 2 with 6 washable refills and one set of Ecosanit with 3 washable refills


 $ 92 SALE