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Full set of Moppsypro 2

26 washable mop refills

Moppsypro 2 has sold over 55,000 units to date. Get the complete set, including 26 washable refills for an unbeatable price, only $66.  Save $55. Limited quantities. Maximum 2 offers per customer

Why use Moppsypro 2?

5 reasons that will make your life easier

Moppsypro 2 is a product designed to make the task of cleaning floors and many other surfaces easier. Discover its major advantages

  • You don't need to touch the mop for rinsing and wringing, reducing work time by up to 35%.

  • It weighs up to 40% less than a regular bucket

  • It releases 90% of the excess water. This allows you to clean delicate surfaces such as wooden floors. The floor dries out instantly. 

  • No more dripping. You can clean walls, ceilings, baseboards, glass.... Moppsypro is a multi-surface mop

  • Easy to store, it takes up very little space. Even if you don't have room, you can disassemble it and put everything inside the bucket. 

What our customers say?

I have dogs. in my opinion nothing gets 100% of the dog hair. I dust mop and than use my Moppsy. Being wet it picks up a lot more dog hair. The good thing is as you rinse it the dog hair comes off into the bucket. Than I use the dry side and the pad is cleaned of the dog hair. So my next floor swipe is picking up more! I definitely would recommend Mosspy.

I ordered the Moppsy Pro 2 and I absolutely love it! It’s lightweight, rinses easily, and the leaves the floor clean without streaks! It’s hard to believe I’m saying this about a mop, but the Moppsy is a game changer! Highly recommend. TIP: We have hand scraped hardwood floors, and I will say it is better to mop in the direction with the grain for a streak-free floor 

Professionals have had flat mops for decades now we can have them at home! I just got my Mopsy and OMGoodness what a time saver! No hands rinsing or wringing, no wasted disposable cloth (and those things are expensive). So happy to have found you Mopsy! I'm getting another one for upstairs🤗

As an executive chef, I was skeptical of this small system. But we ordered one anyway. After using it twice, we tossed out that big old yellow bucket and cotton mop and have switched to Moppsy for floor cleaning in our professional kitchen. A really terrific product.

I have spent a lot of money over the years trying to find the perfect mop! Let me rephrase that......I have WASTED a lot of money!!!!! Until.....I came across the MoppsyPro2 that is. Highly recommend this mop!!!!!!! It's lightweight, practical, easy to use AND it does a great job!!!!!! Money well spent for sure, and mopping made FUN!