Dirt stays on the bucket, not on the floor

"It took only a few seconds to figure out how to use my Moppsy,  and now it’s all I use! It allows me to clean faster and a lot more efficiently!. It’s a fantastic innovation and one of the best cleaning products I’ve ever used" Susan R.M.

Costumers reviews
  • Makes cleaning a lot easier. You don’t have to touch the mop and the dirt really does stay in the bucket after rinsing and wringing it out.

  • Cuts cleaning time by about 35%, which means less time cleaning and more time doing the things that you enjoy! 

  • Don't make unnecessary efforts. You can drain and clean the mop with just one hand.

  • Comes complete with SIX washable mops, a year of refills (a 34€ value), completely free of charge! 

  • Shipping is fast and free. 



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For even more cleaning power at a super affordable price, take advantage of our Professional Pack! It comes complete with two units of Moppsy Pro 2, as well as two packs of six refills for only 89€! 

What are Our Customers Saying?

Great for Pet Owners!

"I am the proud pet parent of two Beagles and a Persian cat, and they all shed like crazy. I was looking for a mop that would make tackling that pet hair easier and I found it with Moppsy. While it did take a bit of time to get adjusted to, I can honestly say that I am really impressed. Not only does it handle hair with ease, but it also completely erases paw prints. Plus, because it’s so easy to use, I can mop several times a day with no problem, in half the time it would have taken me with my old mop. Thank you so much!” 

Tracy R.

Great product!

"This is truly an incredible cleaning system! Though I expected it to be a lot bigger, I was surprised to find that the small size is actually extremely efficient. It’s lightweight, easy to transport, and easy to store. I’m able to control the humidity of the mop and it works great on my wood and tile floors"

Chloe M.

My secret

This mop system is my little cleaning secret; it’s what allows me to clean my floors so quickly! Shh… Don’t tell!. Moppsy is super innovative, easy to use, and really lets me get my cleaning done in a fraction of the time. I love that I can rinse and wring with one hand and don’t have to touch the mop

Julie T.

Easy and Lightweight.

Easy to use, lightweight, portable; what’s not to love? My floors also dry a lot faster than they did with other mops I’ve used. It doesn’t soak the floors or spread dirty water back on the floors. I highly recommend!” . Olivia L.

Very Pleased.

"The product is better than I expected and the customer service was excellent! The mop works great and was really easy to use, and the service I received was outstanding. I would definitely recommend this to my family and friends". Willow R.

Works Great on Laminate.

"Standard mops can easily damage laminate flooring, as they tend to soak the floor, and laminate can’t get too wet; however, that’s not a problem with this mop. It doesn’t leave puddles of water on the floor and it quickly and easily gets up even caked-on grime. It was a great purchase"

Sophia B.

Excellent for Back Pain Sufferers

If you struggle with back pain like me, get this mop! Mopping with other products really strained my back and left me doubled over in pain, but not anymore, thanks to Moppsy. I can rinse and wring with one hand; plus, I can control the dampness of the mop and adjust it to my specific cleaning needs.

Isabelle F. 

Transparency statement

Our Four Peace of Mind Guarantees:

  • If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with this product, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. 

  • If the product is damaged when you receive it, we’ll replace it at no cost to you. 

  • If you opt for our Fast Shipping option and it doesn’t arrive by the deadline, we’ll refund the shipping cost. 

  • You’ll receive a tracking code and we send copy to the payment method you used so you can easily keep tabs on your order. 

Two Chambers, One Bucket!

The Moppsy Pro 2 cleans and drains the mop without ever having to tough it! The bucket features a draining and rinsing system, which means your mop it always clean, dry, and ready to use. 

Plus, you control the water that’s left on the mob, allowing you to customize the mop for your specific cleaning needs. 

Moppsy Pro 2 specifications

The most requested feature that the customers who purchased the previous version of Moppsy was a small dimension, large capacity bucket. We’re happy to say that we delivered that request, as that’s exactly what Moppsy Pro 2 features! 

  • High: 15.8 inch // 40 cm. 

  • Width: 8.6 inch // 22 cm. 

  • Deep: 7 inch // 18 cm. 

  • Number of chambers: 2

  • Capacity : 1.32 gal (5 L) // 1,1 gal (4.2 L)

  • Weight full: 11.2 lbs // (5.1 kg)

  • Mop Width: 4.7 inch //12 cm. width

  • Mop Length: 12.9 inch // 33 cm. length

What makes Moppsy Pro 2  different?

Imagine cleaning with a mop that doesn't spread dirt. The new wringing and drying system deposits dirt in the bucket. 

It is isolated and does not return to the floor as it happens with a traditional mop.

Our new and improved model is extremely compact and very lightweight, making it easy to transport and store; in fact, the newly redesigned Moppsy Pro 2 can be stored and transported virtually anywhere!.

Thanks to the advanced drainage system, Moppsy Pro 2 removes up to 90% of the liquid that the microfiber mop absorbs, thus significantly cutting down cleaning time. 

MOPPSY PRO 2. New Design, Improved Features

  • The mop rotates 180º , so it can easily pass around and under furnishings.

  • The compact size allows for easier handling and storage. 

  • The advanced polymer material is super strong and can withstand knocks and drops with ease. 

  • Glides with ease and requires less effort. 

  • Super easy to use draining and drying system 

  •  Improved draining and drying system efficiency

  • Better absorption capabilities

  • Saves you time and requires less effort

  • Saves water and reduces use of cleaning products. 

About us

Established in 2000, our small team has grown over the past 20 years, thanks to the loyal support of our clients and suppliers. We’ve developed a respected reputation for offering high-quality products that are made out of high-quality materials. All suppliers and manufacturers must adhere to strict quality control standards. 

The find product certainly lives up to our mission: “To improve the efficiency of cleaning”.  

Moppsy Team


Product questions

What are the improvements of the new model?

We have gathered all our clients’ comments and we have materialised in this new design. 

  1. More compact design
  2. Features two 5-liter compartments.
  3. Stands at 40 cm tall.
  4. Improved efficiency.
  5. Stronger polymer material for increased stability 
  6. Ergonomic design, which allows for a more comfortable grip 

What are the dimensions of the new Moppsy model?

The pad mop: 33 cm. length , 12 cm. width

The bucket measures 40cm high and has a capacity of 5 liters in each compartment.

How many mop replacements does it include?

Current offer includes 6 mop replacements. These refills are washable and allow one year's use without buying new refills. 

 If you need more, you can buy them in our online shop.

Are there two parts? One for washing the mop and another for drying the mop?

It has two tanks, one for the water and the other for draining, so that the dirt stays in the water and does not return to the ground. It is a very comfortable and efficient system.

Can you use this mop on ceramic tile flooring?

Yes, you can use on ceramic floor

Does this mop leave streaks?

Our mops are made of high quality microfiber and do not leave streaks

Can I use my regular cleaning product?

Yes, you can use any product suitable for your floor.

Shipping questions

When should my order arrive?

Moppsy ships all products directly from its factories. For household products the normal shipping is free, this includes the new model of Moppsy Pro. For professional products it is necessary to contact our logistics department

 Thanks to a global framework agreement all our products are shipped with the ,Royal Mail, USPS,DHL, UPS, PostNL, Postnord and Poste Italiane. 

We normally deliver our products within 9 to 12 working days.  In the case of Moppsy Pro 2, which is our best-selling product, the delivery can be between 7 and 23 days. 

 Don't worry, 90% of our shipments are delivered within 15 days of your order. 

 If you have any questions about the shipment, please contact us at

We also offer international shipping options, no matter where you are, you can shop with us!

How much does shipping cost?

100% FREE

Can I track my order?

Of course you can! Between 5 and 10 days after placing your order, you will receive an email from our production line with your tracking code.It may not be active at the same time, may take between 24 and 48 hours, depending on the office that manages it.If you have any questions, you can write to us at