Disinfect without  toxic chemicals
Turns tap water and salt into a natural  sanitizer as powerful as bleach

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Moppsypro Ecosanit

Thanks to electrolysis, you no longer need harsh chemicals to clean and eliminate 99.9% of germs. You can do it at home in a natural and safe way.

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Substitutes bleach

Save 80%

"I love it because it has no chemicals, it's natural. Removes stains from the carpet and cleans the wood floor without leaving any residue" Lori T.
  • Avoid the use harmful chemicals.

  • Eliminates up to 99% of bacterias. 

  •  Technology used for years in the food and pharmaceutical industry

  • Includes a hand spray to disinfect any surface. 

  • Three washable mops. Over 100 washes each

   Shippied from CA and NJ to your door step  

Why eWater of Ecosanit works so well?

Electrolyzed water has been used in the pharmaceutical, hospital and food industry for more than 45 years. Ecosanit miniaturizes the process so you can clean at home with a natural, safe, and inexpensive disinfectant. 

No toxic, easy to use

Ecosanit converts salt and water into a powerful multi-surface cleaner, as effective as bleach. No harmful products for your family and pets. In a natural way thanks to electrolysis.

Disinfects the whole house

Ecosanit produces a multi-surface cleaning solution that does it all and keeps your home clean.

It removes grease, dirt, grime and odors without harmful chemicals and without having to rinsing. Spray it on almost any surface: sealed stone countertops, glass, stainless steel, wood, laminate, porcelain.

Removes dirt and odor with natural components you already have at home. Salt and water. 

Save up to 80% every month

What are Our Customers Saying?

I love the Ecosanit mop! It only takes a minute and a half to sanitize the water in the container, so if you were concerned about having enough to clean your floors, there is no worry. The mop cleans so well and the pads, ( it comes with 3) can just be tossed in the washer. I have dogs and cats and this mop makes me feel confident that I am not using any harmful chemicals on my floors. Thanks Moppsy for developing this wonderful product!

Love cleaning without chemicals and everything looks clean and fresh. Easy to use and gets the job done fast, love the Ecosanit.

Got the Moppsy Ecosanit and I absolutely love it. I use it practically daily - having dogs in and out of the house I keep it handy for spot mopping the paw prints they leave behind. I like that it is sanitizing with no harsh chemicals which is a plus with young kids in the house. definitely recommend!

Transparency statement

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  • If the product is damaged upon receiving it, we’ll replace it at no cost to you. 

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Easy to use. Three simple steps

Just add a spoon (included) of salt to the tap water in the bottle and turn the appliance on. Under a low electrical voltage, the water and salt molecules disintegrate, giving rise to strong oxidants: hypochlorous acid (HClO) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) .

What experts say

It's science, not magic

In the process of electrolysis, an electric current is applied to the water-salt mixture, generating two new products with a different composition and benefits. 


It is a more powerful disinfectant than bleach. This acid is the same as that naturally produced in the human body to kill invasive agents. 


Cleansing agent widely used in the food and personal care industry.

Not only the floor




Moppsypro Ecosanit is multitasking. Apply it to any surface you want to clean and sanitize with the included hand spray.



Rugs & doormats

Save up to 80% everyday

Moppsypro Ecosanit helps you save every day using natural ingredients you already have at home. Salt and water. Don't waste your money on cleaning chemicals, use the cleaning power of science to save up to 80%.

Easy to install, easy to use

The components of Moppsypro Ecosanit are durable and easy to install. You can start using your new Ecosanit in just 3 minutes. 

Customers reviews

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